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A Breakthrough for Better Vaccines

TremRx is a biotechnology company with a proprietary technology platform to create and administer highly effective vaccines that are delivered to the upper layers of skin, rather than into muscle, like today’s conventional vaccines. The company’s novel approach is based on groundbreaking discoveries from its scientific founders who found that powerful cells of the immune system called TREM (T Resident Effector Memory cells) reside in skin and other epithelial tissues, and can mediate a dramatically strong and effective immune response against viruses and bacteria. Building on this breakthrough scientific discovery, TremRx is creating novel vaccines that are designed to be administered into the top layer of abraded skin with improved preventative and therapeutic efficacy that can have a major impact on human health.

What is TREM?

TREM stands for T Resident Effector Memory cells, part of the body’s cellular immune system, capable of producing the fastest and strongest immune response against viruses, bacteria or other pathogens, and against cells displaying abnormal antigens.
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Groundbreaking research in Nature

TremRx scientific founders discovered that the infection of the epidermis of the skin with live replication-deficient viruses creates large populations of protective TREMs in skin and other epithelial tissues, which are the interfaces through which pathogens normally enter the body. This paves the way for new kinds of safe and effective vaccines designed to be delivered to the epidermis.
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