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About TremRx

TremRx is a biotechnology company that is developing novel prophylactic and therapeutic vaccines that can achieve higher levels of efficacy and safety by employing dramatically new ways to create and administer vaccines.

The company’s approach is based on scientific discoveries that open a new path for vaccines that create a more effective immune response than today’s conventional vaccines. TremRx’s novel vaccines are different in two ways:

  • TremRx vaccines are created using engineered replication-deficient viruses that have safety advantages over vaccines that employ replicating viruses;
  • TremRx vaccines are applied to an abraded upper layer of the skin rather than by injection into the muscles or bloodstream.

TremRx’s novel approach to vaccines is based on a groundbreaking discovery that shows that vaccines that are delivered to the upper skin tissues are able to induce the production of powerful cells of the immune system, called TREMs (T Resident Effector Memory cells). The induction of TREMs enables vaccines to produce a stronger and more effective protective or therapeutic immune response. Although it is well established that T-cells can deliver a strong immune response, it was previously thought that memory T cells circulating in blood provided this protection. Until very recently, it was unknown that a large and active population of TREMs existed in skin and other epithelial tissues.

Because of the strong immune response produced by TREMs in epithelial tissues, TremRx has developed a proprietary technology platform that creates a novel class of vaccines incorporating replication-deficient engineered viruses delivered to skin cells. TremRx’s replication-deficient vaccines may also have significant safety advantages, particularly since such vaccines may be administered to individuals with compromised immune systems.

TremRx has a robust intellectual property estate based on new patent filings as well as the vaccine-relevant intellectual property from the discoveries of Dr. Thomas S. Kupper, Chief of Dermatology at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Dana Farber Cancer Institute, and Professor at Harvard Medical School.

TremRx is applying its technology platform to create innovative vaccines that have the potential to have a major positive impact on human health. The company’s novel vaccines may be used for a wide range of diseases such as RSV (respiratory syncytial virus), polio, influenza, tuberculosis; also HIV/AIDS; and cancers such as that caused by human papilloma virus (HPV) in addition to cancers of skin and other epithelial tissues.