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Product Applications

TremRx’s vaccines are ideally suited to prophylactic and therapeutic applications that involve intracellular pathogens because the company’s approach activates TREMs in the cell-mediated or T-cell arm of the immune system, which fight disease by directly attacking and destroying the infected cells. There are a wide range of vaccine applications for TremRx’s technology within the following areas:

Infectious Disease
TremRx vaccines can be used for many types of infectious diseases including:

  • viral diseases
  • diseases involving intracellular bacterial infection
  • retroviruses
  • other infectious diseases

Rationale for TremRx approach: Advantages of using TremRx vaccines for infectious diseases include: a stronger T-cell immune response, better safety with an engineered replication-deficient vector, the ability to engage tissue-resident TREMs to destroy infected cells, and an effective T-cell response at the epithelial site of viral entry to the body.

Cancer Vaccines
TremRx’s technology can be applied to create cancer vaccines, including cancers caused by human papilloma virus (HPV) and melanoma.

Rationale for TremRx approach: When antigens are presented on the cell surface, for example by melanoma cells or dysplastic HPV-infected cells, the T-cell effect of TremRx vaccines can engage TREMs to destroy these cancerous or pre-cancerous cells.